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Intuitive repository for your collected research projects

Never lose track of research insights again. Visor helps you collect, store, share and analyze your team’s research by project, improving availability and efficiency of secondary research and eliminating redundant work.


Simple to use - the Pinterest of business

Reorganize and edit your research with ease through Visor’s project interface. Highlight the most salient insights and tell the most impactful story.

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Approve and collaborate with ease

Invite and manage users, be they analysts, principals or directors, and easily review research projects. Approvals, additions and conversations can all take place in the same streamlined interface. 


Export to PowerPoint

Need to put everything in a deck? One click and Visor will export a PowerPoint file with all your snippets and insights. (2019)

Secure and audit-friendly

Your research is secured for only your consumption according to the latest industry standards and using market-leading infrastructure services. And audit trails are available if you ever need.