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Visor's customer-centric knowledge center reduces the feedback biases and tedious legwork in product strategy and execution..

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Maintain a customer knowledge-base

It's easy to throw together a roadmap, but hard to feel confident in it. At the heart of Visor is the Customer Knowledge Center, which anchors your product priorities and features directly in customer pain points and realities. So you avoid “recency bias” and tunnel vision in your feedback and OKRs, and build a defensible roadmap. Want to learn more? Check out our Product Loop.

Gather and summarize customer interviews

Cut down the tedious work of managing and reviewing customer interviews, with fast-tagging and automatic, digestible, actionable summaries. Interviews are mapped to Customer Knowledge—no more worrying about losing or forgetting feedback. And it's not limited to interviews—any other signals from the market or notes from your team can be automatically funneled into Visor via our integrations, e.g. with Zapier.

Communicate product decisions with ease

One of the biggest executional burdens on product managers and leaders is communication. Visor is a simple, shareable “source-of-truth” for customer strategy. With the Customer Knowledge Center, you can share and align on insights and priorities at the root-level of product strategy—the customer—as well as on features. Easily communicate within your team and to other departments like operations and marketing.

Incorporate business objectives

Product organizations are highly connected to overall company strategy, and we all know that while our customers change slowly, our business goals do not. Visor allows you to integrate shorter-term business goals and OKRs into the prioritization of your feature ideas.

Map product decisions from customers to features

Products are complicated, and often we lose track of the rationale for our features, even during or after building them. Visor traceably maps customers, via their needs and pains, to product priorities and ultimately features, so at any point, a feature can be traced back to your Customer Knowledge Center—and the pain points that it is solving.

Track the history of your product

Creating documentation on the state of a product is very challenging—and it means onboarding new PMs and stakeholders is slow and tedious. Eliminate this frustration with Visor's Product History feature, which shows a map of your features today and the decision making that led to their evolution. You might say it reminds you of Github.

The Customer Knowledge Center, your source of truth

Imagine if every product strategy deck you ever wrote or read at your company was boiled into one comprehensive yet navigable matrix. That would be your Customer Knowledge Center. Fueled by your customer interviews and signals, this portal is your shareable digest of customer understanding. And unlike your 100-slide strategy deck, the Knowledge Center is not relegated to the depths of Google Drive after 2 weeks.

Customer knowledge by customer segment, 1 Customer knowledge by customer segment, 2 Simple but sophisticated manager for customer interviews

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Visor is a powerful suite of tools that can be deeply tailored to your needs. Our sales team can give you access to the right features so you can experience the platform at your own pace.

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