Enhance your models with corporate event data

Incorporate Visor’s event identification and prediction datasets to hone your models and valuations, and triage your target lists.

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Visor’s event datasets give investors an edge

Historical event datasets

Visor has built a dataset of numerous historical corporate events, through a proprietary identification model processing public data on releases, filings, regulatory updates, and much more. Choose from several events, including majority share transfer and C-suite change. Our team can also work with you to define a custom-tailored event type, which we can build into a brand new custom event dataset for you.

Future event estimation

Each of Visor’s historical event datasets have a corresponding Prediction dataset, containing the modeled probability distribution of event likelihood for every corporate we track. Use our predictive engine to help adjust your assumptions and input directly into your valuation models—or even to filter and triage your length marketing lists.

Trend identification and prediction

Based on our strategy consulting team’s ongoing industry-level analyses, Visor maps corporate events (such as "acquisition") to industry trends (such as "consolidation"), and subsequently provides datasets for such trends, both historical and predictive. Clients may also request datasets of custom trends, through a collaborative process with our team.

Predictions are rooted in strategy consulting frameworks

Unlike naive datasets, Visor’s event predictions are the result of a multi-stage process with the goal of replicating human analyses done in strategy consulting and corporate development departments.

Block diagram of the Event Predictor process

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Visor is a powerful suite of tools that can be deeply tailored to your needs. Our sales team can give you access to the right features so you can experience the platform at your own pace.

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