Any company, industry or subject area

Analyst reports can only cover so many topics, but with Visor’s AI-driven automation, there’s no limit to the topics, be they high or low coverage. Can’t find a company or industry on Visor? Request it and Visor will hunt for it within 24hrs.


Deeply customizable search for insights

Visor’s reports pull snippets of sources and data from across other reports and credible sources, according to your needs. Gross margin of SpaceX? Recent quotes from Medtronic C-suite? Product innovations in the injection molding industry? Visor delivers. 



Cross-checking across 10,000s of sources

Corroboration is key. Visor pulls its knowledge from company announcements, industry reports, press wires, credible news sources, and governmental bodies like the SEC, and lets you check where each part of its results comes from. We don’t like black boxes.

News, press releases, 10Ks, innovations, related companies, and much more

Every Visor report profile is packed with deep data points and signals. See all the latest relevant news and announcements from within the report, or explore agency data like 10Ks filed with the SEC. Drill down into detail, like innovations, partnerships, footprint expansion, and more. Speed up your hunt while also making sure you don’t miss a thing. 


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One-click to store and share important snippets

Find a snippet you want to add to your research project? One click is all it takes, and it’s in your research pinboard, organized beautifully.

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Always up to date

Unlike your highly efficient but ultimately human team, Visor doesn’t have to sleep, and is always building the latest knowledge in the background.