Templates to store and re-run searches

Build Templates from your searches in a single click. Templates are automatically-populating reports that can re-run many searches at once, making it simple to perform the same research on multiple topics or companies. Users have even called it the “automatic analyst report”, but we’d prefer you to try it yourself.


Save any search to replay later on any topic

Reorganize and edit your research with ease through Visor’s project interface. Highlight the most salient insights and tell the most impactful story.

snip view.png


Organize your automated searches

Invite and manage users, be they analysts, principals or directors, and easily review research projects. Approvals, additions and conversations can all take place in the same streamlined interface. 


Templates tailored for you by Visor’s experts

For teams on Visor Enterprise, we will work with you to create the most appropriate Templates and automations for your continual use.