Visor is an automation-centric hub for secondary research that helps nimble teams in private equity, strategy consulting and corporate development get facts and insights on new industries and companies.


Find facts faster with Deep Search

Find insights and detail on private and public companies, industries, and products, from tens of thousands of sources like company websites, leading industry publications, press releases, earnings releases, the BLS, and SEC filings and financials.


Automate your research

Once you’ve searched once, save your searches into a Template and re-run them in bulk on future topics and companies. Create different Templates to automate different types of topics - for instance, a Template for public pharma companies.


Manage a growing research Repository

Save key research snippets from Visor or from your own research into your Repository, and structure it by deal, theme or project. Organize your research easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It's as simple as Pinterest.



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Introducing Visor Basic

For lighter usage, Visor offers the same core Deep Search features for a fraction of the cost. Then when you’re ready for automation with Templates, upgrading takes just seconds.

Visor Basic, like all plans, comes with a 30 day risk-free trial to make sure it solves your needs as well as we think it will.



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Visor is a powerful platform and seeing is believing. Our sales team can give you access to the fullest features of Visor so you can experience the platform at your own pace.